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Fin Xpert Solutions is an independent multi-solutions company led by a team of highly qualified professionals who bring decades of experience among themselves in banking, wealth management, corporate structuring, residency and citizenship planning, real estate investment, estate planning, family office services, tax, accounting, and bookkeeping, insurance, and personalized relationship management services.

Headquarters in downtown Dubai, UAE. We provide bespoke strategic management support to local and international clients, providing the solutions that they deserve for their individual and business needs. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions that fit our clients’ needs and uplift their businesses through our experienced and professional Ex-Bankers team members, who get a deep understanding of their needs to tailor solutions.

Message from Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Khalid Mahmood

I have established Fin Xpert Solutions to cater to our valuable client’s individual and business needs through our tailored solutions. Our team of ex-bankers and specialists brings decades of experience among themselves, which gives them a deep understanding of our valuable customers’ needs to provide the best solutions. Our dedication to continuing research, relevant knowledge, and technology ensures we stay ahead and take our clients toward success. We continue to be driven by this philosophy of putting our client’s needs first while providing solutions. 

Our focus is efficiency and transparency. However, our approach combines the utmost confidentiality with discretion to protect our client’s interests. 

When it comes to what really matters to have solutions for your individual or business needs, “FIN XPERT SOLUTIONS HAVE THE SOLUTION THAT YOU DESERVE.” 

Khalid Mahmood 

Solutions/ Services

Corporate & personal bank accounts set up.
Personal & Business Loan
Personal & Business Credit Cards
Credit Facility for businesses
Merchant Loan

Vat & Corporate Tax Registration
Corporate Tax filling
Management reports ,Payroll & CIS
PRO and HR services
Bookkeeping Credit control
Dubai court will registration
DIFC court will registration
Abu Dhabi court will registration
UAE In Land / Free Zone/ Offshore Company Formation
UK/US & Other GCC
Company Formation
Sponsor Arrangement
Personal & Business account RM
Personal & Business wealth RM
Personal & Business Real estate RM

What Our Customers Say About Us

I was struggling to get my bank account and other banking services in Dubai, UAE, and was going left, right, here, and there to so many people when I came across Khalid MD at Fin Xpert Solutions. He and his team of experienced ex-bankers managed to help me open my account in a few hours. What an amazing service! I will recommend them with my full support, and you will not be disappointed at all.
Mr. Afzal Shah -UK
I wanted to set up a freezone company in Dubai along the with banking facilities, I initially did some online research and spoke to several consultants who provided start-up services, however it was frustrating because all of them were giving different guidelines and unable to provide definitive timescales or guarantees with regards to the banking services.

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I had heard getting an account opened was the most difficult part hence it was crucial I could get some guarantees this could be arranged prior to moving ahead with the formation. After almost giving up with the online agents I found, I was recommended Khalid from fin Xpert solutions, upon getting in touch with Khalid I immediately knew he knew what he was talking about. One of the issues no one was able to provide clear guidelines was how long I'd be needed in Dubai for the process. Khalid provided clarity on each step involved, and with his decades of experience in the banking industry in UAE, it was evident he was competent and knowledgeable in this field. I had no hesitation with moving ahead and employed Khalid to arrange the formation of my company which was done promptly whilst keeping me up to date throughout, I was told when I needed to go over for the final process to secure the residency and apply for the bank account, I was in Dubai for a week only to complete the formalities whereas others had suggested two weeks minimum. Upon my return, the account was operation with a reputable bank Khalid has referred me to my EID was forwarded as advised. If anyone is looking to do the same whilst looking to avoid conflicting and confusing advice then just appoint Khalid and save yourself precious time and finances. Thank you Khalid!

Mr. Muhammed Tahir -UK
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and praise for the outstanding services provided by Mr. Khaled Mahmood during the process of obtaining my UAE Golden Visa. His exceptional assistance and unwavering dedication played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and swift journey towards securing this prestigious visa.

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From the outset, Mr. Mahmood demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism and expertise, guiding me through each step of the application process with utmost clarity and patience. His in-depth knowledge of the requirements and intricacies related to the Golden Visa application process was truly commendable. He spared no effort in explaining every aspect of the procedure, which instilled confidence and comfort in me throughout the entire process. One of the most remarkable aspects of Mr. Mahmood's services was his relentless commitment to providing on-the-ground support. Not only did he efficiently handle all the necessary paperwork with the local authorities in the UAE, but he also went above and beyond to ensure all medical checks and medical insurance matters were promptly taken care of. His proactive approach and attention to detail were truly commendable. Mr. Mahmood's kindness and genuine care for his clients were evident from the outset. He always made himself available to address any queries or concerns I had, offering timely and insightful advice that proved invaluable during the application process. I can confidently say that without his guidance and support, obtaining the UAE Golden Visa in such a quick time frame would have been significantly more challenging. As a result of Mr. Khaled Mahmood's exemplary services, I am now a proud recipient of the UAE Golden Visa, and I owe this achievement to his hard work and dedication. I am sincerely grateful for the seamless and stress-free experience he provided, making the entire process an absolute pleasure. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Khaled Mahmood's fantastic services to anyone seeking assistance with their UAE Golden Visa application or any other related matters. His professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care for his clients make him an outstanding consultant in this field. I will undoubtedly turn to his services in the future if the need arises and will gladly recommend him to my friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you Khalid!

Mr. Ali Idris -UK